A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Vehicle Use on Campus

1. Entering Campus
When a Campus Safety officer is on duty at any entrance onto the campus, drivers must stop or slow down enough to be acknowledged and identified before entering.

2. Moving Vehicle Regulations
The maximum posted speed limit on Main Campus and West Campus is 15 mph. Vehicle operators must have their vehicles under control at all times regardless of their speed to avoid collision or endangering others’ wellbeing. Vehicle operators who fail to control their vehicle, who endanger others’ wellbeing, or who have the potential to endanger others while operating a vehicle are subject to being held accountable for reckless driving.
Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol on campus is strictly prohibited.   
Driving is permitted only on designated surfaced drives. No vehicles are allowed on grass, lawns, or fields without special permission.

3. No Parking Areas
Off ramps, such as those behind Clough Hall and Rhodes Physics Tower, provide access to buildings for fire-fighting equipment and must remain open. Additionally, off ramps provide routes of egress to open areas from many of the campus buildings in case of fire and must be kept free of parked vehicles. If a space is not lined or marked as a parking space, it is considered a violation to park in the space and will be cited as such.

4. Fire Lanes
Fire lanes are currently designated on all roads throughout the campus. Persons who park in these areas are not only in violation of Rhodes parking regulations, but of the City of Memphis Ordinances as well. Rhodes Campus Safety will cite vehicles found parked in fire lanes.

5. Illegal Parking
All legal parking areas within the college complex are clearly indicated both on site and in publications. Parking in areas other than those properly lined as parking spaces is a violation and will be cited. Parking along curbs, unless clearly marked as a parking space or unless otherwise authorized is strictly prohibited.    
Visitor parking is considered "reserved" twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Areas designated as visitor parking are strictly reserved for visitors to the campus only. Unauthorized parking will be cited.

6. Off Campus Parking
While parking on campus is recommended, those who choose to park on streets near Rhodes should be aware of restrictions imposed by both the City of Memphis and also those regulations held by Rhodes College. All persons are expected to comply with the below "off campus" parking regulations.
City of Memphis parking restrictions are so marked.

Rhodes College restricts parking in the following areas where Rhodes community members are allowed to park:

  • North side of Snowden west of University St.; both north and south sides of Lyndale Ave; and Mignon Ave west of University St.
  • South side of Snowden, west of the alley behind Stewart Hall,
  • North side of Tutwiler, west of the entrance to Spann/Stewart Parking lot.
  • West side of University St., north of Snowden Ave. to Jackson Ave.
  • Use of Emergency Flashers

Use of flashers does not legitimize a violation of parking regulations and is not an appropriate cause for appeal. Time elapsed is not an element of a violation. Violating a parking regulation "for only two minutes to run inside" is not a defense for the violation.

7. Penalties
Fines assessed for traffic and parking violations are indicated on the citation. All payments should be made at Rhodes Express. 

8. Appeal of Citations
If students or employees of the college believe they have received a citation in error, they may ask for an appeal of the charges through the Traffic Appeals Board. This board is made up of representatives from the faculty, staff and student populations.

To file an appeal, the student or employee must do so within ten (10) calendar days of the offense. Otherwise the right to appeal is forfeited. 

Appeals should be filed on-line via Express Rhodes from http://express.rhodes.edu/documents-forms/miscellaneous/parking-citation-appeal.

All of the pertinent details such as the citation number, time and date issued, location, name and R number of the citation recipient must be included. 

Appeals are heard several times each semester and outcomes are emailed.

9. Accidents
Please remember that accidents do happen. Should you bump another vehicle or become involved in an accident on campus, call Campus Safety immediately. Hit and run offenses are taken very seriously and can result in serious consequences.

10. Visitors/Guests and Parking
Visitors are always welcome at Rhodes and visitor parking is available on campus. All visitor (non-decaled vehicles) must stop and their vehicle information/name/destination registered at the entry gate.

If you have a bus drop-off, special parking needs, or questions about where to park, please call Campus Safety at 843-3880.

11. Deliveries and Transportation
Deliveries such as flowers, gifts, and mail should be directed to the mail room Monday- Friday 8am-4pm.
After hours and weekend mail, flowers, and gifts will be accepted at the Campus Safety Office at #5 Spann. All deliveries will be taken to the mailroom first thing Monday morning.

When having food delivered, be prepared to meet the driver at the main gate, Bailey Gate.

For cabs, Uber, Lyft, and other transportation, go to Bailey Gate, and meet them in the cut out across from West Village. These services will not be allowed unlimited access to campus.