Residence Hall Property

  1. All residence hall furniture in students' rooms at the beginning of the academic year must remain in their rooms throughout the academic year.
  2. Beds may not be stacked on other beds, dressers, or desks. Bed risers may not be used. 
  3. Students are responsible for removing trash and debris and for cleaning their residence hall room when moving out of a room. Failure to do so is subject to a fine. No items may be stored on campus during the summer. Anything left behind will be discarded and the expenses incurred will be charged to the owner(s).
  4. Social rooms serve as a place where residents can gather as a community. Thus, priority for reservation is given to residents of the hall and Residence Life sponsored programs. The primary use of social rooms should allow for maximum availability and access to hall residents. Social rooms are not intended to serve as sleeping or storage spaces for residents or their guests. 
  5. Personal furniture or equipment must not be placed in the halls or lounges. Any items of furniture found missing from a residence hall room will be charged to the residents of that room. A student who leaves personal furniture in a room after checking out will be charged a disposal fee. Social Room furniture must remain in social rooms at all times. Removal of furniture is considered a violation of the Honor Code. Additionally, any costs involved and a fine of up to $100 will be assessed in such matters. Screens must not be removed from windows. Student-made or individually purchased lofts of any kind are not permitted in residence halls. Students with lofts will be fined no less than $100.00 for any offense. Marring and destruction of furnishings and defacement of walls, doors and woodwork, breakage of windows, etc., is not tolerated. Compensatory damages will be assessed for any violation, and disciplinary action will be taken against those responsible.
  6. Students are prohibited from being on the roof or other unapproved spaces.  Violation of this policy may result in $50 fine and housing probation or removal.
  7. Tampering with, opening, or removing window screens is prohibited.
  8. Residents may not install radio, television, satellite or other telecommunications equipment outside of the room or apartment.
  9. The use of the residence hall space and/or an individual's room for business purposes is prohibited.   
  10. Students are not permitted to play sports or ride bicycles or skate boards in residences.