A downloadable PDF of the handbook is available at Rhodes College Student Handbook.

Room Searches and Safety Inspections

The Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee, in consultation with the Director of Campus Safety and/or Director of Residence Life, may authorize a search of a student's premises if there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation of college policy is occurring or has occurred. Students who refuse to permit or seek to delay a search of their dorm room or locker will be subject to disciplinary action.

Authorized personnel of Rhodes have the right to enter student rooms at any time for purposes of maintenance and repair, inspection of health and safety conditions, and investigation of violations of College regulations. Resident Assistants conduct routine checks of battery-powered room smoke detectors. At least once a semester a representative of the Office of Residence Life and/or a representative of Physical Plant or Campus Safety will conduct safety, sanitation, and maintenance inspections. Rooms are expected to be livable and in good sanitary conditions.

On-Site Inspection and Assessments. Room conditions must be the same as at the beginning of the term at check-out, except for ordinary wear and tear. At the end of every academic term, an onsite inspection is conducted by the College, at which time the cost to restore the room to its original condition will be assessed against the student (s) of the room. The cost of discarding non-college property, excessive cleaning, repairing any damage to the room, and replacing missing items will be divided equally among room residents unless the College determines the fees should be assessed otherwise. If students feel they have received a residence hall charge in error, they may appeal it to the Office of Residence Life. All appeals must be made within 30 days of the notification of the charge.