A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

Romantic and/or Sexual Relationships Between Employees

Rhodes College recognizes that relationships of a romantic and/or sexual nature may develop between two employees. These relationships (even when consensual) are potentially exploitive when one employee is the supervisor of the other because of the inherent imbalance of power. In addition, when such relationships come to an end they can potentially lead to claims of sexual harassment. 

Because of these potential issues, Rhodes College prohibits employees from making decisions affecting the appointment, retention, promotion, demotion, salary or work assignments of an employee with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship. When an intimate relationship develops between employees in a supervisory relationship, immediate steps must be taken to terminate the supervisory arrangement and alternative means of supervision must be implemented if feasible.

Each individual has the responsibility for promptly disclosing that such a relationship exists to the Chief Human Resources Officer. An employee’s failure to report a relationship may result in disciplinary action for the employees involved – see “Employee Discipline and Termination”.

In exceptional circumstances, necessitated by unique qualifications or responsibilities, a supervisory relationship may exist between two people in a sexual or romantic relationship. In these cases, job performance, work assignments and salary determinations shall be handled by the second level supervisor or an alternative supervisor as approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.