A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

Substance Abuse Policy

Conduct Prohibited. The use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol by employees and impairment in the workplace due to drugs and/or alcohol are prohibited and will not be tolerated. Engaging in prohibited and/or illegal conduct will lead to discipline, up to and including termination. Prohibited and/or illegal conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during working hours;
  2. The sale, possession, transfer or purchase of illegal drugs on College property or while performing College business;
  3. The manufacture, use, sale, distribution or possession of illegal drugs while on duty;
  4. Off-duty use of alcohol or illegal drugs that discredits the College or adversely impacts an employee’s ability to do their job;
  5. Refusing or failing a drug and/or alcohol test administered under this policy; and
  6. Providing an adulterated, altered or substituted specimen for testing. 

Illegal drug use includes the use of prescription medication without a valid prescription. Employees are also precluded from reporting to work under the influence of over-the-counter or legally prescribed medications that adversely affect the ability of the employee to safely and efficiently perform their duties.

Employees who organize or sponsor a student group involved in an institutionally sponsored activity of the College, whether on or off campus, have the responsibility to take all reasonable measures to limit the consumption of alcohol to those legally entitled to drink. Reasonable measures would include (but not be limited to): required use of identification when alcohol is allowed, monitors utilized, etc.
Drug and Alcohol Testing

An employee is subject to testing for illegal drugs and/or alcohol where there is reasonable suspicion to believe the employee is using or is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The decision to test will be based on specific and contemporaneous observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech and body odors of the employee. Drug and alcohol testing may also be conducted following a work-related accident where the use of illegal drugs or alcohol may be the cause or contributed to the accident.

Upon being notified of a test for drugs or alcohol, the employee must submit to testing at the specified location immediately. Employees who refuse to submit to testing, or who have been found to have submitted a substituted or adulterated specimen for testing, are subject to immediate termination.
Employees who have tested positive for illegal drugs or alcohol will be notified in writing of a positive test result. The employee will then have an opportunity to offer a written explanation of the test result to the testing facility within five (5) working days after receiving the notification. The employee is subject to immediate removal from duty without pay and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Rehabilitation Policy. Employees who voluntarily come forward to ask for assistance with a drug and/or alcohol problem may be eligible to take a leave of absence to seek professional help. Employees who seek to voluntarily disclose a drug or alcohol problem should contact the Benefit Services Manager. Requests for assistance will be handled with as much confidentiality as possible. A request for assistance is considered voluntary only where it is made prior to an employee being selected or scheduled for testing.

For employees allowed leave for treatment, such leave will be considered family and medical leave to the extent the employee is eligible for such leave. Employees who have no accrued paid time available and are not eligible for family and medical leave will be given unpaid leave up to the extent allowed by the College’s leave policies.