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Parking and Vehicle Use on Campus

Parking and Registration of Vehicles. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), Memphis Fire Protection Laws and insurance regulations as well as general safety precautions make parking and traffic control on campus a necessity. Written regulations and appropriate signage are established to facilitate traffic flow, control parking and protect fire lanes and unloading areas as are designated. In consultation with the Rhodes Student Government, the Social Regulations Council, the Traffic Appeals Committee and various other representatives of the Rhodes community, regulations and procedures have been developed for using a motor vehicle on campus. If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Safety office at 901-843-3880.

All members of the Rhodes community who park on campus are required to register their vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles with the Campus Safety Department and display a current registration decal, if they plan on either driving or parking on campus property. If a member of the Rhodes community drives a vehicle or motorcycle on campus, it must be registered with either a permanent or temporary registration decal. (Exceptions only by the direction of the Campus Safety Director or designee)

Employees should register their vehicles online. Persons choosing not to register their vehicles for campus parking must still abide by all "off campus" parking regulations as listed below.

Those parking on the Rhodes campus park at their own risk. Rhodes is not responsible for any damage to personal vehicles including, but not limited to, weather damage, accidents, damage, or theft. 

Decals are colored to indicate registration information and specified parking areas. They must be properly affixed to the lower left, inside driver′s side front windshield.

Vehicles parked in handicap spaces must display proper handicap placard or license information. The Memphis Police Department and Campus Safety can also cite violations with fines of $50 to $100.

If a "temporary" need to park in a handicap space arises for students, petition must be made to the Director of Disability Services.

Entering Campus. When a Campus Safety officer is on duty at any entrance onto the campus, drivers without decals must stop and check in before entering.

Moving Vehicle Regulations. The maximum posted speed limit is 15 mph. Vehicle operators must have their vehicles under control at all times and further give the appearance that control is being maintained. Speeding or the appearance of speeding or the appearance of lack of control may constitute reckless driving. It is also a standard of all traffic law to practice courtesy and good judgment at all times when behind the wheel.

Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol on campus is strictly prohibited.

Driving is permitted only on designated, surfaced drives. No vehicles are allowed on grass, lawns or fields without special permission.

"Disregarding Stop Sign Violations" will also be cited as a moving violation.

No Parking Areas. Off ramps, such as those behind Clough Hall and Rhodes Physics Tower provide access to buildings for firefighting equipment and must remain open. Additionally, off ramps provide routes of egress to open areas from many of the campus buildings in case of fire and must be kept free of parked vehicles. If a space is not laned or marked as a parking space, it is considered a violation to park in the space and will be cited as such.

Fire lanes are currently designated as follows:

  • The lane north/south between Clough Hall and the Physics Tower and Voorhies, Townsend, Williford and Robinson Halls.
  • The lane north/south between Kennedy Hall and Halliburton Tower and the Robb/White/Ellett Halls, the Refectory, and the Health Center and the Bryan Campus Life Center known as Thomas Lane.
  • From the “Y” at sorority row east to the Charles Place Gate.
  • East Village Lane between North Parkway and Bailey Lane.

Gates and barriers at most of these locations are accessible with Fire Department and Campus Safety key devices only. Persons who park in these areas are not only in violation of Rhodes parking regulations, but of the City of Memphis Ordinances as well. Violators′ vehicles could be towed by the City of Memphis in addition to a citation from the Memphis Police Department and Rhodes. Rhodes Campus Safety may also cite violators′ vehicles.

Illegal Parking. All legal parking areas within the college complex are clearly indicated both on site and in publications. Parking in areas other than those properly lined as parking spaces is a violation and will be cited. Parking along curbs, unless clearly marked as a parking space or unless otherwise authorized is strictly prohibited.
Visitor parking is considered "reserved" twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Areas designated as visitor parking are strictly reserved for visitors to the campus only. Unauthorized parking will be cited and vehicle may be towed.

Off Campus Parking. While parking on campus is recommended, those who choose to park on streets near Rhodes should be aware of restrictions imposed by both the City of Memphis and also those regulations held by Rhodes College. City of Memphis parking restrictions are so marked.

Rhodes College restricts parking in the following areas where no Rhodes community members are allowed to park: 1) North side of Snowden west of University; 2) South side of Snowden, west of the alley behind Stewart Hall, 3) North side of Tutwiler, west of the entrance to Spann/Stewart Parking lot. These restrictions apply to all members of the Rhodes community.

These restrictions are lawfully supported under an agreement heretofore made with the Vollintine Evergreen Community Association and Rhodes under the direction of the Shelby County Land Use Board.

Temporary Parking Locations. Temporary parking for loading and unloading have been designated and so marked. These areas are for the specific use of loading and unloading and authorized for fifteen (15) minute periods only and further for loading and unloading only. Use of these areas for any other reason is strictly prohibited.

Obstructing Traffic Charges. If a vehicle is parked in such a way whereby two vehicles cannot pass abreast of each other safely because of the parked vehicle, it will be cited for obstructing traffic.

Use of Emergency Flashers. Use of emergency flashers DOES NOT justify parking in violation of regulations and IS NOT an appropriate cause for appeal. Use of flashers does not legitimize a violation of parking regulations. Time elapsed is not an element of a violation. Violating a parking regulation "for only two minutes to run inside" is not a defense for the violation.

Penalties. Fines assessed for traffic and parking violations are indicated on the citation. Payment of the fine is required within ten (10) days of the date of issue unless appealed. 

Appeal of Citations. If employees of the college believe they have received a citation in error, they may ask for an appeal of the charges through the Traffic Appeals Board. This board is made up of representatives from the faculty, staff and student populations and is also very involved in the development of all traffic and parking control regulations.

To file an appeal, the employee must do so online within (10) calendar days of the offense. Otherwise the right to appeal is forfeited. All appeals will be heard before the end of the academic year and all will be notified of the outcome.