I. Non-Tenure Track Faculty Review

Persons holding non tenure-track appointments to the Faculty have responsibilities that vary by department/program. These areas of responsibility are specified in the contract of employment. Such individuals will normally have their work evaluated each year, with re-appointment contingent upon both the needs of the College as well as continued excellence in their areas of responsibility. The evaluation process for teaching will include student evaluations administered in all courses taught by the Faculty member, class visitations by the department/program Chair, or other senior member(s) of the department/program, review of syllabi, exams and final grades for the course. As with all appointments at Rhodes, the standard for re-appointment is the expectation of excellent teaching. For non-tenure track appointments that include service and/or scholarship, the evaluation process will be specified by the Vice President for Academic Affairsin the PRS in cooperation with the department/program in which the appointment is held.