State Department Warnings

The safety and health of Rhodes students and employees participating in research, work, travel and study abroad is of fundamental importance to the well-being of the College. We constantly monitor various sources to keep abreast of situations in the world that might affect the health and safety of our students and employees during their time abroad. In rare situations, and on a case by case basis, Rhodes may take precautionary measures that modify a given Rhodes study program itinerary abroad or we may cancel a program altogether. The U.S. Department of State is one of our key sources for safety and health updates regarding specific countries and regions. The highest level of travel alert that the State Department issues is a “Travel Warning.” These Travel Warnings recommend that U.S. citizens consider deferring non-essential travel to the country in question. In many cases, the State Department also authorizes the departure of non-emergency employees and their family members from the country or region when a Travel Warning is posted.

Rhodes’ policies concerning State Department Travel Warnings are as follows:

  • Rhodes will not allow scholarship monies, institutional financial aid or any other Rhodes monies to be applied to travel, study, internships, research trips, or College-related business in countries or regions for which the State Department has issued a Travel Warning prior to the start of the program or trip. In extenuating circumstances, appeals to waive the Travel Warning Policy may be made, in writing, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Students wishing to study, intern or serve on a non-Rhodes program and in a country or region for which the State Department has issued a Travel Warning must sign a waiver indicating that they understand that they are going to a Travel Warning country, that Rhodes will not allow transfer of scholarships or financial aid and that they are studying, interning or serving in that country or region against the advice of the College.