Performance Management for Staff Employees

The College has an annual performance management process for full-time staff employees. The review process, discussion, and evaluation are heavily reliant on the staff employee’s individual position description. The position description contains the qualifications and job duties for each staff job on campus. The documents must be continually updated to document the duties and essential functions actually being performed by staff employees.

In addition to the position descriptions, there are three community values by which all staff employees are evaluated. These are service, teamwork, and communication. The performance for both the position description review and the community values review are evaluated on the same scale. The scale is as follows:

  1. Exceeds the College’s high expectations,
  2. Meets the College’s high expectations, or
  3. Does not meet the College’s high expectations.

The staff employee completes a self-evaluation and the manager will complete an evaluation of the employee as well. The manager and employee meet to discuss the results of the evaluation and complete the annual documentation process. The evaluations are transmitted to Rhodes Human Resources department electronically through the People Admin Performance Management System. The results are then uploaded to the staff employees’ personnel records, where they are maintained for the duration of the employees’ employment with the College.