Personnel Records

The Human Resources Office maintains a personnel file on each employee of the College. Contained in these files is information relevant to the employment relationships and statistical and legal information required by governmental regulations. Please notify the Human Resources Office of any changes which need to be made to your records. These include change of name, address, phone number, cell number, marital status, withholding exemption changes, beneficiary changes or emergency contact.

Access to Personnel Records in the Human Resources Office. Employee records are property of Rhodes College. The confidential nature of personnel records is respected by the College and access is granted to those current employees with a clearly demonstrable job-related necessity. Current employees have access to their own personnel files; however, the removal and/or copying of records is prohibited. Employees must make an appointment with Human Resources in order to review their files.

References. The Human Resources Office will verify current and past employment giving current job title and employment dates. Salary information will be verified by written request only. Due to legal implications of releasing employment information, employees must obtain, complete and return the Rhodes Reference Release Form from Human Resources. The Human Resources Office will verify that a Reference Authorization Release Form has been signed and is on file.