Secondary Employment

Guidelines Regarding Outside Employment for Full-Time Employees

Time Limitations. Paid outside employment will be limited to the person’s non-scheduled work hours at the College (i.e., evenings, weekends, and vacations or holidays). Exceptions to this policy shall be made only upon the written approval of the appropriate Vice President/Dean and the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.

Approval. The person requesting approval for continuing outside employment, or for outside employment that is expected to be more frequent than once a year, shall submit a formal, written request, giving the name(s) of outside employer(s), the amount of time involved and schedule, and a statement that all outside employment will meet the requirements of these policies. This request may be made on the annual Faculty Remunerative Request Form. If the request is approved by the appropriate Vice President and the President, it will be made a part of the employment contract for contract employees. All approved requests are placed in the employee’s personnel file. Occasional honoraria for speaking and leadership in academic consortia or associations are not considered as outside employment.

Materials, facilities and ITS Services. In outside employment, no use will normally be made of Rhodes materials and facilities and ITS services. Exceptions to this policy shall be made only by written authorization from the appropriate Vice President and proper reimbursement to the College. For any continuing outside employment, if there is use of these College resources, they shall be included as part of the annual contract.

Name. The use of the College name in soliciting outside employment is prohibited except in cases approved by the appropriate Vice President.

Competition. Providing services to higher education institutions is prohibited. Exceptions to this policy may be made in regard to teaching if the gain for the College is sufficient. Such exceptions shall be made only upon the written approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the President.

College values and goals. Activities to fulfill outside employment should be consistent with Rhodes values and goals.

Non interference. Activities in the pursuit of outside employment shall not interfere with one’s duties at the College.

Disciplinary action. Violations of these policies could result in disciplinary action, reduced remuneration, or in case of moral turpitude or adequate cause termination.

Conflict of interest. No full-time member of the faculty or administration at the College shall engage in outside employment, whether for extra compensation or not, which would be a conflict of interest with those of the College. Please contact the Comptroller′s Office to obtain the required Conflict of Interest Form.