A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Campus Appearance

Major changes or additions made in the appearance of the campus should be made only with the approval of the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs and the President.

"Campus Art." Rhodes promotes the arts and artistic expression. The Clough-Hanson Gallery exhibits student work periodically. "Campus Art" is defined as works of art requested to be displayed outdoors on the campus. Campus art reflects not only the expression of the artist, but can be perceived as reflecting the views or values of the College. Therefore, the principles listed under Campus Regulations should be carefully considered. Works of art that qualify for outdoor display on the Rhodes campus shall be works of art intended as ends in themselves, such as those found in galleries or sculpture gardens. Works that qualify for outdoor display on the campus shall not include items of advocacy or protest or items of information such as posters. (See policy on posting.)