The Academic Advising Committee

Membership. Four faculty members (preferably one elected by each of the four curriculum divisions, serving 3-year terms. Two of the faculty members must be tenured, and junior faculty are not eligible to serve as chair); two students (elected by the Student Senate, one first-year or sophomore student and one junior at the time that service on the committee commences, serving two consecutive year-long terms); ex officio: the Associate Dean of Students for Student Academic Support (voting); the Director of New Student Programs (non-voting); the Registrar (non-voting); an additional faculty member who has just completed his/her first year of advising first-year students will be invited by the committee to serve one year on the committee (non-voting).


  • Oversee the academic advising program and work to promote an effective advising system
  • Develop and oversee programs and workshops for the ongoing development of advisers and advisees, including:
  • Registration workshops
  • New advisor development
  • Continuing advisor development
  • Work to ensure that students are educated on appropriate advising expectations and their role and responsibility in the adviser-advisee relationship
  • Serve as the resource on academic advising for all members of the community
  • Revise and circulate annually the Advising Handbooks for Faculty and Students
  • Develop and recommend guidelines for academic advisers
  • Provide faculty interface with appropriate student services groups
  • Provide guidance concerning the academic components in Open Rhodes and Welcome Week
  • Review faculty petitions for variance from regular first-year advising

Expected Involvement. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.