The online version of the College Employee Handbook is currently undergoing revisions. For the latest version of the college handbook, please see the College Employee Handbook PDF (updated November 2022).

The Faculty Committee on Technology and Academic Space


Five faculty members (one from each division, one at-large, at least two tenured); Associate Provost, ex-officio (non-voting); Chief Information Officer, ex-officio (non-voting); Director of Academic Technogies, ex-officio (non voting); Director of Physical Plant, ex-officio (non-voting); Director of Library, ex-officio (non-voting).


  • Address immediate concerns and current problems with academic space and technology for instructional, scholarly, and creative activities.
  • Facilitate long-term planning of technology needs and services for classrooms, lecture halls, and performance spaces.
  • Support faculty technology needs.
  • Review policies and practices regarding the use of technology in instructional, scholarly, and creative spaces.
  • Advise and guide the library regarding instructional, scholarly, and creative resources.
  • Liaise with Information Services, Student Life, and other offices as relevant.