The online version of the College Employee Handbook is currently undergoing revisions. For the latest version of the college handbook, please see the College Employee Handbook PDF (updated November 2022).

The Faculty Committee on Committees

Membership. Three tenured faculty members to be recommended by the Faculty Governance Committee, with open nominations accepted from the floor of the faculty, 3-year terms, non-repeatable consecutively. No two members shall be from the same division.  

  1. Conduct both divisional and faculty-at-large elections of committee members to the various standing committees of the faculty and report results to the Office of Academic Affairs, the Faculty Governance Committee, and the faulty-at-large.
  2. Nominate personnel for standing faculty committees, with open nominations accepted from the floor.
  3. Nominate the presiding officer, the faculty secretary, and the faculty parliamentarian, with open nominations accepted from the floor.
  4. Approve a slate of student nominees for standing faculty committees, as submitted by the Rhodes Student Government.
  5. Maintain a rotational system for membership on standing faculty committees.

Expected Involvement. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.