A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Campus Posting Policy

Students who wish to advertise their events or post informational material on campus are subject to the following guidelines:

  • All posted information must include the name of the sponsoring organization, department, office, or responsible party, as well as the title, date, time, and location of the program.
  • All posters, chalking, flyers, advertisements, displays, and signage must be posted in such a manner that they may be easily removed and will not damage or deface the surface to which they are attached. Individuals and organizations should use painter's tape or masking tap when posting on campus.
  • Individuals or organizations who post materials are responsible for removing these materials no later than 48 hours after the event has taken place.
  • No individual or organization with posters or chalking for display may cover or remove any other approved materials that have not gone beyond their assigned posting dates.
  • All posters, chalking, flyers, advertisements, displays, and signage are subject to College policy and must not be “socially offensive”. Content must abide by the College’s Commitment to Diversity and should not be harassing, discriminatory, or bullying in any way.
  • No posters, chalking, flyers, advertisements, displays, or signage may be attached to the fence surrounding campus, to a window of a door, or to sculptures or statues.
  • No postings may be placed in elevators, on fire escapes, mirrors, fences, lampposts, or trees. Postings on doors and windows cannot obstruct the view of someone using such door/window.
  • Posters are not permitted to be posted on entrances to the Refectory, Burrow Hall, Briggs Hall, BCLC, Robertson Hall, or Barret Library.
  • Postings, flyers, advertisements, and other notices are not permitted to be slipped under or placed on residence hall room doors without approval of the Dean of Equity and Engagement/Director of  Residence Life.
  • Due to the College’s non-profit status, political campaign signs are not permitted in public spaces on campus.
  • Chalking is limited to sidewalks only.
  • Alcohol must not be mentioned in any materials.
  • Items may not be dangerous or physically impede the participation of others in the life of the College.
  • Items may not damage or deface the door, wall or other surface on which they are affixed.
  • Items that do not comply with these rules will be removed.

Neither on-campus nor off-campus organizations may post or chalk without prior approval from the Dean of Belonging/Director of Residence Life.

Please note: Failure to abide by these policies may lead to loss of posting privileges, College recognition, and/or disciplinary action from the College. Violations of the posting policy may be referred to the Office of Community Standards.


The College has an obligation to develop policies and procedures that safeguard the freedom of expression while maintaining an atmosphere conducive to the overall functioning of the College and the commitment to academic freedom. Each member of the community is expected to be respectful of the corollary right of other community members to perform their duties and participate in the life of the College free from disruption, interference, or harassment. Violations of this policy can result in the immediate cancelation of an event, payment of expenses incurred to remove or repair damage from non-conforming signs, and/or all relevant disciplinary actions that fall under the appropriate section(s) of the College Handbook. In order to avoid any misunderstanding of what are peaceful, permitted, and safe expressive activities, the following non-exhaustive list of prohibited behaviors and characteristics is provided as examples. 

Violations of this policy include activities that

  • Violate any Rhodes policy, including those in the Student Handbook
  • Physically or otherwise impede the daily business of the College;
  • Employ or threaten to use force or violence against another person or property; 
  • Place the health or safety of others at risk; 
  • Create a volume of noise that prevents community members from carrying on normal activities;
  • Intimidate others, and/or deny or unreasonably interfere with the rights of others; 
  • Violate any obligation, policy or requirement of Rhodes College concerning privacy or confidentiality in any manner or form; 
  • Violate any other federal or state laws or ethical standards. 

Questions or Appeals

Any questions or appeals of decisions regarding such events should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs or Division  of Student Life. They will consult with others on campus as needed to finalize a response to the appeal.

It should be noted that when the physical safety of the Rhodes community is threatened, the college reserves the right to cancel an event.

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