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Signs - Posting and/or Chalking

Advertising special events and posting informational material is a key factor in the success of an organization’s activities. Certain policies and courtesies are outlined below regarding the posting of publicity items.

  • The name of the organization responsible for posting must appear on the material.
  • All posters, chalking, flyers, and signs must be posted in such a manner that they may be easily removed and do not damage or deface the surface to which they are attached.
  • Off-campus organizations may not post without prior approval from the Dean of Students Office.
  • All on-campus organizations must receive prior approval to post from the Student Activities Coordinator or Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  • Individuals or organizations who post materials are responsible for removing these materials no later than 48 hours after the event has taken place.
  • No organization or individual with posters or chalking for display may cover or remove any other approved materials that have not gone beyond their assigned posting dates.
  • All posters, chalking, signs, advertisements, and displays are subject to the “not socially offensive” standard, such as no personal attacks or obscenities. Content must not violate the College’s policy on Harassment and Discrimination or the Commitment to Diversity. Due to the college's non-profit status political campaign signs are not permitted in public spaces on campus.
  • No posters, chalking, flyers, or displays of any kind may be attached to the fence surrounding the campus, to a window of a door, sculptures or statues.
  • Posters are not allowed to be posted on entrances to the Refectory, Burrow Hall, Briggs Hall, BCLC, Robertson Hall, Barret Library, and lamp posts.
  • Chalking is limited to sidewalks only.
  • No mention of alcohol should be on fliers.

Violations of the posting policy may be sanctioned by the Community Standards Council or an administrative hearing officer.

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